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An Inside Look

Do you know what an oil and gas royalty acquisitions company is? Me either! At least not until I started working here. We all want to have an inside look at the businesses we use. That is why we like referrals from friends or read reviews about companies we are considering using. That’s our goal with this blog, to get you an inside look at what we do. We want to introduce ourselves, answer your questions, and provide you with up-to-date info on the oil and gas industry. Let’s start with how our company was founded, and the people who help this company run smoothly.

Albert and Shain are the master minds behind this operation. Back in 1999 they set out to change the way mineral and royalties are bought and sold. They saw the need for a trustworthy service for mineral owners. A service that educated and explained the options available, not another company that offered questionable estimates and misleading customer service. They wanted people to be informed and feel comfortable with their decisions.

Gaining experience working in the oil fields and business world led them to a deep understanding of well production and declines in relation to the market values. Shain, a geologist and operator, and Albert, an experienced businessman in the technology industry, created a perfect business partnership and established Royalty Clearinghouse. The company started with two hardworking men and has grown to include some pretty amazing people. We cannot wait to introduce you to these men and women in posts to come, so stay tuned for more!

We look forward to hearing your questions and comments!

Written by Abigail Appleton