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One Royalty Owner at a Time

What does it mean to serve one royalty owner at a time? At Royalty Clearinghouse that is our vision, to serve one royalty owner at a time. Our company is committed to giving you a personalized and positive experience. Our focus is on you, not the sale.

We are here to explain the process, honor and respect your decisions, and give you a pleasant experience. Whether you’re on the phone with our acquisitions team, going through our title due diligence or talking with our accounting team prior to funding your transaction, our goal is to be consistent and reliable with every interaction.

Every time we work with a royalty owner, we have a few simple goals.

Most importantly we want to build a lasting relationship with you. A relationship where you are valued and respected. We want you to feel like a partner in the process and deliver an experience that gives you a reason to talk to your friends and family about us.

Our next goal is to educate you about your mineral interests and how the process works. Your understanding of what you own is crucial to your decision of choosing to sell or hold your assets. We will request recent check stubs, evaluate your interests, and walk you through your options. If you do not understand something or want some clarification we encourage you to ask.

Parting with a legacy asset that has been in your family for years can be a difficult decision, or if you are going through a tough life event, selling this asset may be financially beneficial. Whatever stage of life you are in, we want to respect your legacy and your choice. We want you to feel completely comfortable with selling your minerals and royalties and that starts with you being well informed.

The last goal goes hand in hand with the previous one. When you understand what you own and how the process of selling your minerals works, we can agree on a fair price; one that is mutually beneficial. Our engineers evaluate your royalty interests and minerals very carefully and take into consideration many factors. Our offers are not made lightly. We would even encourage you to talk with a financial advisor before accepting the offer, someone who has experience with mineral and royalty interests. It is your choice to sell, and we will honor and respect your decision even if you choose to keep your royalties. At times we are the first to recommend you hold on to your assets.

Our focus is not on making the sell. Our focus is on each individual person and their specific situation. You deserve an experience that is positive, respectful and sincere. The reason why we believe we have been successful…… We do it one royalty owner at a time!

If you would like more detailed information regarding the process check out our process page , request an offer, or call our office at 512-458-4545.

Written by Abigail Appleton