Our Leadership Team

royalty clearinghouse leadership team

Marc Zimmermann

President & Chief Operating Officer

I am responsible for guiding the Company’s vision and strategy in addition to overseeing all aspects of operations. I bring over 20 years of experience successfully growing and leading companies. I joined Royalty Clearinghouse in August of 2013. I have had a long standing relationship with the owners, and I am grateful to join the company.

I am passionate about delivering a high-quality...

royalty clearninghouse leadership team

Amy Bryan

Vice President of Asset Management & Administration

I have been with Royalty Clearinghouse since graduating from Oklahoma State University in 2003. I am very proud to have been part of this company’s history and look forward to the opportunity to continue serving our clients and our employees.

I am actively involved in all aspects of the closing process and transfers of ownership. I have a full understanding of the details...

royalty clearinghouse leadership team

Ivan Golac

Vice President of Business Development

My responsibilities involve managing the front-end of our business solutions, including leading the acquisition and engineering departments.

Having worked at Royalty Clearinghouse for over nine years, I have been instrumental in our acquisition, marketing strategy and business development efforts. I enjoy developing strategies to support the continued growth of the company while improving...