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Todd O'Neill

Vice President of Finance and IT

As the Vice President of Finance and IT, I am responsible for managing the core finance functions and information and technology initiatives for Royalty Clearinghouse. My finance responsibilities run the gamut from the capital allocation for our mineral and royalty acquisitions through revenue processing. On the IT front, I set the long-term data and technology strategy that aligns to the company's core strategic objectives and drives technological process improvement.

Prior to joining Royalty Clearinghouse, I spent over twelve years working for Deloitte Consulting, the largest professional services company in the world. During those years, I helped clients understand how to drive value through their organization by implementing IT systems and strategies, redesigning business processes, optimizing IT service management, and digitizing and structuring content through Enterprise Content Management (ECM). I’ve worked across almost every industry, and have led a variety of large system deployments including a finance transformation project across teams in North America, India, Malaysia, and Asia Pacific.

Prior to becoming a technologist at Deloitte, I grew up as a stone mason under the apprenticeship of my father, who owned a marble fabrication shop and actively participated and presided over the Marble Institute of America. I’m active in the small business and technology startup community in Austin, where I co-founded a retail business with my wife that has continued to thrive for the past twelve years. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time cycling, tediously renovating our house, and spending quality time with my wife, Stephanie, and our two daughters.

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