Our Core Values

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Mission with a Purpose

Our culture is thoughtfully aligned to our vision, mission, and core values. Recognizing the importance of these foundations, it is evident in our family-centered workplace that teamwork, trust, accountability, and determination are at the center of our combined efforts and keep us competitive. We understand our success is dependent on each team member. We take pride in the quality of individuals we hire and go further to ensure their talents and skills are well-suited for each position. We support our employee's growth with continuing education efforts, training, and offsite strategy sessions that bring out the best in each of us, individually and as a team. Many of our team members started with Royalty Clearinghouse as they launched their careers and have grown with the company to become leaders.

Our Core Values

We provide exceptional service to owners divesting their oil and gas royalty and working interests. In the spirit of family, we build relationships and honor our client's choices through the sales process. We pride ourselves on our highly knowledgeable and experienced team, with both proven and innovative evaluation methods.


To be trusted, we must be worthy of your trust. Trustworthy is not merely a word at Royalty Clearinghouse. It serves as the foundation of our core values and cements our relationship with you. Through genuine and honest communication, we are committed to being trusted by our employees and by our clients. Since 1999, we have built our reputation on being consistently fair, and doing what we say!


We have clear commitment to treat all employees like family through respect and mutual appreciation. We look after one another and take a personal interest in each other’s success. We are rich in heritage with a story to tell that celebrates who we are and how we have built our success from the ground up. This deep history serves as our inspiration to stimulate future growth. This family value distinguishes us from other companies. It is the foundation that strengthens a long-term perspective – To achieve great results we must focus on what is important – Each Other!


We strive to be consistent and reliable in all that we do. We honor our commitments and follow-through on our word. We have the courage to make the tough decisions, but the resolve to take responsibility for our actions. We strive to understand your expectations and aim to exceed them!