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When I first joined Royalty Clearinghouse, I didn’t understand why people would want to sell their mineral rights. My understanding was that mineral owners receive a royalty check every month or so. Why would anyone ever sell mineral rights that brought a monthly income? As I have learned more about the industry, my opinion has changed. Owning mineral rights is not that simple, and the question to sell one’s mineral rights is less obvious than it may seem.

One misconception I had was that royalty checks were a reliable and steady income. I foolishly believed that owners received a check for the same amount every month for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, royalty checks can often be sporadic and difficult to count on. With new technologies, the constant threat of new tariffs, and disagreements in the Middle East, the price of oil can change in a moment. In addition, oil and gas properties are depreciating assets, and eventually, those royalty checks will decrease until they reach zero.

On top of the financial uncertainties, I did not realize that dealing with the legalities that come with owning a mineral interest can be a massive headache. The taxes and paperwork required for owning this type of asset can be tedious and frustrating to decipher. The minimal royalty checks received every month may start to feel fruitless compared to all the work you have done.

Let me make this clear, these problems are not the case for everyone. Some people may feel very lucky to own their mineral interest, and all the administrative hassle required for owning this asset may be well worth their while. But for those that can relate to the issues described, Royalty Clearinghouse has created a smooth and transparent process that allows you to explore your options without the obligation to sell.

Finding the right people to guide you through the sale of your mineral interests is critical to get the most value. We understand how many questionable offers royalty owners receive, and that is why we put transparency and accountability at the foundation of our core values. At Royalty Clearinghouse, our team will thoroughly explain the options available for your unique situation. We look forward to helping you make a well-informed decision.

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Written by Walker Adams