Our Process

  • Our team makes divesting a smooth and simple process. Let us help you understand the value of your oil and gas minerals and royalties.

1. Let's start a conversation

Call 1.800.877.5122 to speak with one of our account managers about divesting your royalty interests, or you can Request an Offer online.

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2. Provide your most recent production statements

In order to provide you with the most accurate evaluation, your account manager will request at least two months of your most recent production statements. The production statement is included with monthly revenue checks, and includes the production details of your property along with your division of interest.


3. Review and accept our offer

Once our engineers have completed your evaluation, your account manager will contact you to discuss. With the most accurate evaluation in hand, you are able to make an informed decision regarding the sale of your interest. Your account manager acts as an adviser to answer your questions, but ultimately, the choice is yours.

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4. Receive and execute documents

Should you decide to accept our offer, our title team will prepare a detailed closing package that will be mailed to you for your review and execution. Upon receipt of your original executed conveyance, we will complete our due diligence process.


5. Funding

Congratulations! Payment will be arranged to suit your needs either by company check or wire transfer.

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