Rancher solves the need for cash and keeps portion of his mineral rights.

West Texas Rancher



We were approached by a Rancher in West Texas who was in need of cash in order to maintain his ranch’s operations. He was interested in selling his mineral rights to solve his cash needs but as with his ranch, these minerals had been in his family for generations and he hated to let them go.


The Royalty Clearinghouse team provided several scenarios to him which included selling only a portion of his ownership interest. He discussed the options and eventually selected a 50/50 ownership split. The Royalty Clearinghouse team went quickly to work and ensured proper title transfer and funded his transaction within 10 days, allowing him to continue ranching.

Royalty Clearinghouse provides individual solutions to real-life problems. We cater our solutions toward each of our client’s particular needs -- we can purchase your entire interest or only a portion. Reach out to an account manager to start a conversation about your mineral and royalty interest.

50/50 ownership split in 10 days.

After being approached by a Rancher in West Texas in need of cash in order to maintain his ranch’s operations, Royalty Clearinghouse provided several scenarios and the rancher was eventually able to select a 50/50 ownership split.