Bakken Shale

Sell Bakken Mineral Rights

Bakken Mineral Rights

The Bakken Shale was named by J.W. Nordquist in 1953 after a North Dakota farmer, Henry Bakken. In 1951, Amerada Petroleum discovered the formation on his land while drilling the “#1 H.O. Bakken” well. The formation occupies over 200,000 square miles of the Williston Basin in North Dakota, Montana, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

With the advent of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technology, this expansive source rock has recently become a valuable producing formation with more direct access to the oil in place. By monitoring the evolution of this developing play, Royalty Clearinghouse is able to offer full value for mineral rights in this region. We are interested in purchasing Bakken mineral rights, as well as overrides, in this burgeoning area.

Counties in the Bakken Shale, North Dakota & Montana

  • Burke County
  • Daniels County
  • Dawson County
  • Dunn County
  • McCone County
  • McKenzie County
  • Mountrail County
  • Renville County
  • Richland County
  • Sheridan County
  • Stark County
  • Ward County
  • Wilbaux County

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