Before Silicon Valley and the massive tech startups, and before Hollywood, oil and gas was the biggest industry in California. Even in the early 1500’s, Spanish conquistadors touring California found Native Americans using asphaltum (thick crude oil) for the purposes of waterproofing baskets, canoes, and fastening arrowheads to shafts.

In the 1860’s, Californians began to use oil and natural gas for home lighting. By the 1920’s, California quickly became the world’s leading producer, creating over 186 million barrels of oil per year. California’s economy began to boom, which led to the state we know and love today. Currently, the oil and gas industry employs over 142,780 Californians and brings in around $26 billion each year in tax revenue to the state.

If you’re looking to sell your mineral rights in California, Royalty Clearinghouse is an expert in acquisitions of oil and gas in the state. Over the years, we have purchased and managed mineral interests all over California. Some of the counties we focus on are listed below.

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  • Santa Barbara
  • Monterey
  • Ventura
  • Orange
  • Kern