Eagle Ford Mineral Rights​

The Eagle Ford Shale was named after the town near Dallas where the surface outcrops of this large sloping formation were first observed. In 2008, Petrohawk drilled the first well in LaSalle county, thus discovering the “Hawkville (Eagle Ford)” field. The productive area covers much of southeastern Texas, extending into at least 24 counties. Since this shale contains a relatively larger amount of brittle carbonate, it is more conducive to hydraulic fracturing. This fracking, combined with horizontal drilling, yields lots of potential for this source rock turned productive formation. Once the economic viability of this resource play became apparent, Royalty Clearinghouse was quick to seek acquisition opportunities. We have worked with many Eagle Ford mineral owners and can accurately evaluate the future potential, giving you a better value should you decide to sell.

Eaglebine Mineral Rights

The Eaglebine resource play is located in parts of eastern Texas. The name “Eaglebine” is a portmanteau combining “Eagle” and “bine” from the Eagle Ford and Woodbine formations which are both found in the area. The counties most associated with the Eaglebine are Brazos, Madison, Leon, Robertson, Grimes, Burleson, and Lee. Oil and gas activity is not new to the area, but the combination of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing has yielded impressive results which could not have been predicted even a decade earlier. These modern drilling techniques have redefined the region, and ushered in increased attention from the industry.

We at Royalty Clearinghouse are aggressively pursuing acreage in the Eaglebine. We can provide an offer to purchase interests from older conventional wells, and also from the newer unconventional production. Factored into all of our evaluations are estimates of your property’s maximum potential.