Permian Mineral Rights​

The Permian Basin is so named because it contains one of the thickest rock deposits from the geologic time period known as the Permian. It is further broken down into three sub-basins: Midland, Delaware, and Marfa. It was first drilled in 1921 and extends across an area approximately 250 miles wide and 300 miles long, crossing into at least 20 counties in western Texas and southeastern New Mexico. This oil-and-gas producing area is a “stacked play”, with multiple formations of interest, such as the Yates, San Andres, Clear Fork, Spraberry, Wolfcamp, Yeso, Bone Spring, Avalon, Canyon, Morrow, Devonian, and Ellenberger. Royalty Clearinghouse has worked with many owners in the Permian Basin and is aggressively seeking acquisitions here. We leverage our extensive experience and industry relationships in order to remain well-informed of recent developments.

Permian Basin Counties:

  • Andrews County
  • Borden County
  • Coke County
  • Crane County
  • Crockett County
  • Dawson County
  • Howard County
  • Irion County
  • Loving County
  • Martin County
  • Midland County
  • Pecos County
  • Reeves County
  • Sterling County
  • Upton County
  • Ward County