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Selling your mineral rights and royalties is a big decision. These interests could have been in your family for decades, or they could be from a new well being drilled on your farm or ranch. In all circumstances the decision to sell your minerals and royalties should not be made lightly. We want you to be well informed and feel completely comfortable. Our process was designed to be simple, honest, and respectful.

Whether you received a letter in the mail or found us through an internet search, we want to make sure you are given an impartial estimate for your mineral and royalty rights. After contacting us, our team will walk you through the process and outline the requirements for the type of property you own. If you received our letter in the mail, your original bids are generated from public information; however, the information is not always accurate or up-to-date. The check stubs include production information which give us more details and allow us to make the most precise offer for your interests. Therefore, in most cases we will request check stubs...

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Do you know what an oil and gas royalty acquisitions company is? Me either! At least not until I started working here. We all want to have an inside look at the businesses we use. That is why we like referrals from friends or read reviews about companies we are considering using. That’s our goal with this blog, to get you an inside look at what we do. We want to introduce ourselves, answer your questions, and provide you with up-to-date info on the oil and gas industry. Let’s start with how our company was founded, and the people who help this company run smoothly.

Albert and Shain are the master minds behind this operation. Back in 1999 they set out to change the way mineral and royalties are bought and sold. They saw the need for a trustworthy service for mineral owners. A service that educated and explained the options available, not another company that offered questionable estimates and misleading customer service. They wanted people to be informed and feel comfortable with their decisions.

Gaining experience working in the oil fields and business world led...

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What do you care about most? Friends, family, your pet? Our relationships with those around us are vital to our wellbeing. Those relationships encourage, support and strengthen us. The same is true here at Royalty Clearinghouse. To achieve great results, we must focus on what is most important – each other! Our team strives to make that a priority in the work place and in customer service. What truly sets us apart in our industry is we live our core values of family, trustworthiness and accountability daily.

We pride ourselves in hiring the best experts in engineering, technology, finance, and legal. Our team of dedicated and highly educated individuals work together to provide exceptional service to our customers. We look for those who have core values that align with our own. We are committed to treating all employees like family through respect and mutual appreciation. We look after one another and take a personal interest in each other’s success.

In addition to our employees, we believe that partnering with those around us will strengthen our...


There are so many pieces to the oil and gas puzzle, and networking is absolutely necessary to our success. As we said in the previous blog, our relationships are vital to our business. We rely on our previous clients for referrals, family and friends for support, and other businesses for partnerships.

Creating new relationships is the reason we recently began reaching out to others in the oil and gas industry. Goal is to create new friendships and business partners. For example, landmen play a vital role in the acquisition of mineral and royalty interests by assisting our Land Department with research of the public records. We’ve sent letters to these field landmen, in hopes of creating new opportunities to work together. Whether these contacts bring us a specific transaction, provide us with data, or we hire them to run title, nothing is as important as getting to know each other and helping each other be successful, regardless of the financial benefits.

One might wonder, how would a partnership with us be beneficial? We have been in business for almost 20 years,...